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C.C: Rouge the bat by Argos90
by Argos90

Well now, how can I correctly critique this? Hmm... Well, as a starting point, I shall state this: The design for this alternate costum...

artrade gonza09 by eliana55226838

OVERVIEW:-- Visuals:- "This work is definitely pleasing to the eyes. The colors clash brightly against the white background, and the wh...



Fictional Automotive Companies Logos Batch #1 by MephilesTheDark2182
Fictional Automotive Companies Logos Batch #1
These are some ideas for fictional companies I came up with. Here's a reference guide for each company and its corresponding logo:

HEMICorp. -- A company best known for its engine mods, HEMICorp. was created under one philosophy: Create and sell specialized engine modifications that would be both effective and affordable. They work primarily with muscle cars, but have been known to release a mod for tuners and/or trucks from time to time. If you're looking for an affordable way to supercharge the engine of your personal muscle car, then HEMICorp. is your go-to company.

J&J's Custom Autos -- Originally a family-owned tune-up shop, J&J's still abides itself
by the strict standards its previous owners set forth. With a diverse selection of rims, spoilers and body kits, J&J's promises to make your car stand out from the rest.

Chrome Domes, Inc. -- An international auto-body paint and vinyl company based in Sweden, Chrome Domes' wide selection in paints, vinyls and body wraps is guaranteed to add a splash of color to your ride at an affordable price.

17th Street Automotive -- A premier car dealership located in the high-rises of southern California, 17th Street offers a unique selection of sports cars, trucks, and muscle cars for a modest price.

Tomot -- A Russian company dedicated to manufacturing long-lasting parts that are guaranteed to help your car stop on a dime every time. If you're looking for top-of-the-line, imported brake systems, Tomot is the brand to buy.

Well, that's all for now, folks! Until next time, enjoy!

All logos and companies created by me. DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION!!!
So I was cleaning up my Journal Entries the other day (to keep things from getting cluttered and whatnot) when I came across NickinAmerica's journal post for a "Bionicle Racers" concept. I read the post and I gotta say: I like the idea a lot. I liked it so much that it actually gave me the inspiration to come up with my own concept for a rip-off of his idea; for now, I'm going to call it "LEGO(TM) Exo-Racers". It's supposed to be a spin-off of the Exo-Force(TM) toy line put out by Lego from 2005 to 2009. Except that instead of focusing on mech-like battle robots a la "Pacific Rim" and "Titan Fall", it would be more along the lines of stuff from games like "Jak X Combat Racing" and "Twisted Metal".


    Set at an undisclosed point during the human-robot war (preferably during the Golden City Era), Mecha One (the leader of the robots) begins to experiment with experimental vehicle technology as a test to see if he could win the war against the humans via smaller, more compact battle vehicles. The initial tests prove successful, and he secretly launches a new line of battle vehicles designed for quick guerrilla-like attacks on the Golden City, though in locations not usually explored by neither robots nor humans. Fast forward a few months later, during a small raid on a subterranean human outpost beneath the Golden City, one of the robots piloting a battle vehicle gets hit by some defensive equipment set up at the outpost, which damages his vehicle enough to cause him to crash into a cavern wall and become permanently disabled. At that time, a lesser-known human mech pilot (who will go unnamed until further notice) happens to catch sight of the downed robot and the vehicle, and -- after grabbing some equipment from the now-completely-abandoned outpost, manages to pull the now-defunct robot out of the vehicle.
He then proceeds to scan the robot's electronic brain, where he learns about the battle vehicle and Mecha One's plans to use the vehicles to destroy the Golden City from the inside out. The pilot then decides to take both the robot and the damaged vehicle back to the Golden City's labs, where the scientists there are not only able to repair the damaged vehicle, but (with the approval of Sensei Keiken) are also able to create their own line of battle vehicles as a method of countering Mecha One's vehicles. The unnamed pilot is also appointed the leader of a new team in charge of piloting these new vehicles.
Nicknamed "Team Exo-Racers", this new team is in charge of thwarting Mecha One's plans and ensuring that none of the opposition's vehicles are able to reach the Golden City.


    Unlike the normal Exo-Force(TM) toy line, Exo-Racers(TM) will be more focused on combat-based racing, with an emphasis on unique vehicle design. Each vehicle will have a unique design, unique weapons exclusive to that vehicle, etc. For example, one character's vehicle would be an ATV-style trike with snowmobile treads on it and a high-precision laser rifle, while another character's vehicle would be a monowheel with twin Gatling guns mounted on either side. And...that's all I have to say about this side of the concept. (Except for the fact that I'm considering the idea of using a variation of the Mini-Bots found in the original Exo-Force(TM) toy line.)*


    Some other things I considered were the environments (well, duh), and [possibly] any music that would be fitting for each environment. For example, if I were to have one of the major battles take place in a jungle, I'd want the music to have some tribal instruments in it (i.e. flutes, bongo drums, etc.) to give a primitive/tribal/unpredictable sort of atmosphere. Also, if one of the battles were to take place in a cavern/mining tunnel environment (which it probably will), I'd want to have the music feature some ambient sounds and/or distorted echoes of spooky-sounding medleys to give it a more haunting atmosphere. Bottom line: IF I were to feature music in the story, I'd want it to be fitting for each environment, since using one specific genre of music as the main carrying point behind a soundtrack is just an archaic decision that -- to me, at least -- makes the music blend together and stagnates the genre being used for said music.


    So, what do YOU guys think of my idea? Do you think it's a good or bad idea? What could be fixed or improved? Are there any ideas you'd like to pitch to me to make this concept more original? Tell me what you think in the comments below, and I look forward to hearing from all of you. And if you would like to see some of the concepts in real-life, let me know and I'll do my best to make it happen. This has been MephilesTheDark2182, signing off.



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